30 Days of Trust: A Letter Of Love

Dear Friends,

If you’ve spent any time in personal development circles, you’ve definitely heard about the power of intuition. We are told to trust and act on our intuitive hits, but how many of us actually do this consciously? How many times have we felt a calling within us to do something? And how many times do we brush that feeling aside, saying:

“It’s inconvenient.”

“It’s impractical.”

“It’s uncomfortable.”

What are we missing out on by pushing our intuition aside in favor of the easy, the conventional, the safe?

What are we losing by failing to trust our inner selves?

This morning, I felt a calling to challenge myself. For the next 30 days, I commit to acting upon every tug of my spirit, to pursuing the path my inner guide leads me towards, and to be consciously acknowledging and following my intuition.

I challenge myself to trust.

My intent is to illuminate an idea shrouded in confusion, and to showcase the brilliance of leading a spirit-driven existence.

Over the next month, I will tackle some big ideas surrounding intuition, clearing up confusion to illustrate the spectacular beauty of a life that is free of resistance- a life driven by the calling of our spirit. I invite you to join me on this journey, and to be as involved in it as you can.

As above, so below,


Let It Unfold

It’s easy to get caught up. Plans, tasks, people, and places.

Answer the wake up call. Release the chokehold you’ve got on your life.  

After all, how can something grow and evolve when you’re stifling it with every move you make? Life doesn’t flow that way.  

Loosen your grip. Let it breathe.Nurture yourself and trust your intuition.  

When you bend to life and accept that the steps on the path of achieving your plans are not set in stone, you open yourself up to all of the beauty, love, and happiness that the Universe has in store for you.  

Your desired outcome is not guaranteed. Life won’t always unfold the way that you want it to. But that’s what makes it so beautiful. Because sometimes, the path and the outcome are infinitely better than you could have ever imagined.

Belief Suspended, the Universe Upended

I believe in Fate,

the making of it, that is.

Self-imposed blockage & limitations are thin glass,

I shatter them & break through


I believe in Luck,

in finding the key to unlock it.

The can’t-dos & the have-nots are an inconsequential whisper

that my soul song drowns out


I believe in Choice.

The choice to walk my own path, create my own destiny.

The doubting words of others wash off me,

water on a duck’s oily back


I believe in Miracles.

Proof that the Universe exists,

& is thriving beyond measure.

I breathe in the source and exhale life

Lessons, To & From Myself

Why are you worrying, sweet child?

Is life so cruel or hard or impossible as you would have yourself think as often as you do?

In this moment, you are enough.

Your breath flows so sweetly, in and out of your lungs, all without any real effort from you. Consider the possibility that life flows as such! In and out, high and low, without any great assistance on your part.

You can’t misunderstand the implications of this.

You are not some helpless soul, forever at odds with the tides of the universe. You are purest light, the brightest star in the sky, with power beyond measure. You are not helpless in this existence.

You have choices. You have power.

What if you could look back on your life, at everything that has happened, and everything you’ve done, and think

“Beautiful” ?

Never underestimate life, or yourself. Beautiful things come of uglier, less savory things. Why should you be any different than the ordinary catterpillar who bursts forth from the cocoon a delicate butterfly? Than the homely duckling who morphs into the graceful swan? Than the tightly budded rose that blooms with brilliance beneath the sun’s springtime rays? Why should you have it easy? No one has it easy.

But that glorious moment of becoming is so priceless, words will never do it justice.

Be who you are. The best version of yourself. Beautiful.

Be the Mosquito

Have you ever felt bogged down, trapped, and hopeless?

Today was that day for me. I was on my way back home today after a few days out of town, and boy was I was feeling stuck. Lately, it seems like I can’t help but worry about all of the scary things looming over me: the lack of a place to live after the summer (and more precisely, the lack of money to pay for a decent place to live), not being able to return to the university I’d attended for the past few years (& more precisely, the loans I feared I’d have to take out to continue schooling), stress from searching seemingly endlessly for a job (which could provide the money for these other worries), and a rag tag group of countless other little doubts and despairs.

Needless to say, with a mind buzzing this erratically, my radar was not necessarily up for catching a lesson, but a quirky lesson found me nonetheless, courtesy of National Public Radio. If you’re anything like me and have ever had “one of those days” where nothing seems to be panning out, when all of the fear, fighting, doubting, and despair kicks in,  you will resonate with this funny but powerful life lesson taught by none other than a mosquito.

“Imagine how tough life would be if raindrops weighed 3 tons apiece as they fell out of the sky at 20 mph,”

the story went.  “That’s how raindrops look to a mosquito, yet a raindrop weighing 50 times more than one can hit the insect and the mosquito will survive.”

The voice on the radio went on to detail an experiment that explains how mosquitoes survive torrential donwpours, and this is where the lesson lies. They hop ON the raindrop and ride it out. Rather than resisting the downpour, they jump headfirst toward that raindrop and go with the flow. Then, when the wind has caught their delicate little wings, they’re able to fly off, unharmed by what could have been a deadly collision.

What downpours are you resisting, fighting, or running from?

The amazing thing is, once I accepted what was happening to me, and decided to go with it rather than fight it, things started happening. Seriously, less than 24 hours later and my seemingly major problems were completely dissolved. Why don’t we take note from the mosquito instead, and gather ourselves, hop on that raindrop, and let go of what we perceive as an impossible situation?

What happens when we let go of how hopeless our situation is, or how we could never survive the downpour, and simply be in this moment, accepting what is and trusting that we will be guided? After all, isn’t life about the journey?

How will you ride your raindrop?

If you enjoyed this article & gained some insight, or want to tell me about the downpours you’ve raindropped (yes, I just invented a verb) out of in your life, leave a comment below!

Oh, and if you want to hear the original story, you can find it here.

Why You’re Sinking In Fear, & What You Can Do About It

Fear manifests itself in a multitude of ways. It is an ugly demon with millions of faces. It is a huge, dark, and undefinable mass comprised of every little insecure thought and every niggling doubt you ever allowed yourself to bring into existence. It hovers over your shoulder and whispers lie after lie into your self-conscious mind until you come to accept it as truth. It breaks you down until you lose the will to get back up again.

But you are stronger than that fear…

© K Towers | Stock Vault

Fear can be triggered by just about anything, be it something you can change, such as the fear of public speaking, or something as inescapable as skin color, gender, race, or sexuality.

But if we dig really deep, and look inside of ourselves, we realize that all of these external worries boil down to the fear that we are not going to be accepted.

The way we see it, if we are not accepted, we have no chance of being loved.

If we have no chance of being loved, we lose half of our divine purpose, because to give love is only half way fulfilling. To receive love as well makes our cup overflow.

Don’t despair, because all things, even fear, can lead to love.

I want you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and take a moment to let it all sink in, to really understand that no matter what the fear is making you think:


You are a Divine Creation,

Brought into existence by a Divine Creator

Your Creator deemed you worthy of love, therefore,


Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Guard your mind, guard your heart, and guard your spirit.