Lessons, To & From Myself

Why are you worrying, sweet child?

Is life so cruel or hard or impossible as you would have yourself think as often as you do?

In this moment, you are enough.

Your breath flows so sweetly, in and out of your lungs, all without any real effort from you. Consider the possibility that life flows as such! In and out, high and low, without any great assistance on your part.

You can’t misunderstand the implications of this.

You are not some helpless soul, forever at odds with the tides of the universe. You are purest light, the brightest star in the sky, with power beyond measure. You are not helpless in this existence.

You have choices. You have power.

What if you could look back on your life, at everything that has happened, and everything you’ve done, and think

“Beautiful” ?

Never underestimate life, or yourself. Beautiful things come of uglier, less savory things. Why should you be any different than the ordinary catterpillar who bursts forth from the cocoon a delicate butterfly? Than the homely duckling who morphs into the graceful swan? Than the tightly budded rose that blooms with brilliance beneath the sun’s springtime rays? Why should you have it easy? No one has it easy.

But that glorious moment of becoming is so priceless, words will never do it justice.

Be who you are. The best version of yourself. Beautiful.